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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

Full Smile Makeover To Restore Your
Natural Vibrant Smile

Tinton Falls, NJ

A smile makeover is a process that helps to improve your smile using cosmetic dental procedures. Also known as a full smile restoration, the process helps to remedy any dental problem that could be causing your smile to be crooked. Due to this reason, it can involve several cosmetic dental procedures, with the number of procedures performed depending on your specific dental condition. At Premier Periodontics and Implant Dentistry we offer smile makeover services, which help to remedy all dental problems troubling you, thus restoring your natural smile.

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What Dental Issues Can A Smile Makeover Fix?

The smile makeover procedure can help to fix any type of dental problem that has an inkling towards your appearance. Some of the most common problems fixed by a smile makeover include:

• Teeth alignment issues - misaligned teeth can alter your appearance and dampen your smile. However, using cosmetic dental solutions such as dental braces and clear aligners, it is possible to get your smile back.

• Discolored teeth - teeth discoloration, either due to aging, smoking, food, and drinks, or other reasons can cause your smile to be unsightly. However, teeth whitening solutions can help to restore the natural color of the teeth, thus improving your smile.

• Chipped, broken, cracked, or decayed teeth - it is possible to treat damaged teeth using cosmetic dental restorative procedures such as veneers and dental crown.

• Unevenly shaped teeth - unevenly shaped teeth can give you a crooked appearance, thus dampening your smile. However, cosmetic procedures such as dental bonding, and dental veneers can remedy the problem and restore your appearance.

• Missing teeth - missing teeth can do much damage to your appearance, causing you to hide your smile. However, using dental solutions such as dental implants, implant-supported bridges, and dentures, it is possible to replace your lost teeth with attractive, natural-looking prosthetics that are guaranteed to give you a bright smile.

• Unshapely face - the shape of your face can be altered by damage to the jawbone caused by an injury, jawbone atrophy, effects of aging, and several other factors. Modern cosmetic dental solutions can, however, help to restore your natural face structure.

The Smile Makeover Process

The smile makeover treatment process begins with a consultation to assess your oral health condition. The assessment involves an examination of the teeth, gum tissue, the jawbone structure, and the bite. We will also examine for any existing dental health problems that might need treating. Based on your specific needs, we will then come up with a customized treatment plan, which will achieve all the desired results.

The smile makeover treatment has no specific procedures or timeline. The procedures performed, as well as how long they will depend on your dental health condition. For a few dental problems, the treatment can involve only one or a few procedures, lasting a short period. However, if there are serious problems such as teeth misalignment, bone structure deterioration, gum damage, and others, the treatment can last several months. However, at the end of it all, your appearance will be greatly improved, allowing you to smile with confidence.

If you are experiencing dental health problems, Premier Periodontics and Implant Dentistry can help to remedy them and allow you to smile again with the full smile makeover treatment. Call us today at (732) 747-1766 to schedule an appointment.

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