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All on 4 implants

All On 4 Implants

All-On-4 Implants 

Tinton Falls, NJ

At Premier Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we offer the All-on-4 treatment for patients who are looking for an effective solution to missing teeth. The All-on-4 treatment concept is an ideal solution for patients who have several missing or damaged teeth. With this treatment, you do not have to continue living with tooth loss or suffering through inconveniencing solutions such as dentures. We can help to replace the lost or damaged teeth using natural looking ones, which do not only restore your oral function but also help to improve your appearance.

All-On-4 Treatment BEFORE


All-On-4 Treatment  AFTER


What Does The All-On-4 Treatment Involve?

The All-on-4 treatment concept is based on traditional dental implants. It makes use of four dental implants, which are surgically inserted in the arch of the jawbone – two implants at the front section of the arch and two implants at the corners of the arch (one at each corner). The implants are then used to hold a dental bridge containing a set of prosthetic teeth – based on how many teeth are to be replaced. The all-on-4 treatment can be used to replace missing teeth on either or both of the jawbones.

dental implant

To ensure that the replacement teeth are perfect, the dental bridge used during the treatment is custom-designed and manufactured based on your natural dental features (teeth and the dental ridge). The teeth are also made using a natural looking material (usually ceramic) while the base of the bridge is made using flesh-looking material (acrylic or plastic). Therefore, when the dental bridge is screwed into place, the new set of teeth will look and feel just like your natural ones.

Who Needs The All-On-4 Treatment?

The All-on-4 treatment is offered to patients with several missing teeth. Standard dental implant placement requirements such as strong and sufficient bone and healthy gums must be met. However, since the treatment uses four implants placed in the arch (front) section of the jawbone, it is usually offered to patients who have lost all of their anterior teeth on either the upper, lower, or both.

All-on-4 treatment can also be used on patients who – in addition to the front teeth – have lost other adjacent teeth. The four dental implants can also support a bridge with a full set of teeth, and thus you can still get the treatment if you have lost all of your teeth.

Differences Between All-On-4 Implants And Traditional Implants

The All-on-4 Treatment Concept is very similar to traditional dental implant treatment. However, it is quite different with regards to how many implants are used and where they are located. While the All-on-4 treatment only uses four dental implants on each jawbone, traditional dental implant treatment can use any number of implants – from one implant for a single tooth to 16 implants for all teeth. Another difference with the all-on-4 treatment is that the implants are only placed in the anterior section of the jawbone, while with traditional dental implants, they can be placed anywhere.

Have you lost – or are on the brink of losing – your teeth? Do not delay in finding a reliable solution. At Premier Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we can offer you the all-on-4 treatment to replace your natural teeth. Call us today at (732) 982-7988 to find out if the treatment is right for you.

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