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Multiple Tooth Implant Treatment

Multiple Tooth Implant Treatment

Single Tooth Implant Placement

Tinton Falls, NJ

Are you missing more than one tooth? Premier Periodontics and Implant Dentistry can help to replace them. We offer a wide range of dental solutions, including multiple tooth implant treatment, which helps to replace your damaged or lost teeth with natural-looking implants. With these implants, you can be able to enjoy normal oral functions.

Doctor with patient, Single tooth implant placement

When Is Multiple Tooth Implant Treatment Necessary?

Multiple tooth implant placement is an ideal solution if you have more than one missing tooth. The treatment option can also be recommended when several of your teeth are badly damaged beyond repair – for example, advanced tooth decay in several teeth, damaged tooth due to gum disease, or damaged teeth following a traumatic injury to the mouth. Multiple tooth implant is also a great idea if you do not like wearing dentures or dental bridges – an alternative option for multiple tooth loss.

However, it is important to note that multiple tooth implant can only be recommended if you have a healthy and sufficient jawbone and gums. Therefore, if your gums and jaw are damaged, for example, by gum disease or a dental injury, the treatment will not be offered. Luckily, we can offer other treatment options such as jawbone grafting and gum grafting to restore the structure of your jawbone and gums, thus making you qualified for the multiple implant placement.

Benefits Of Getting Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple tooth implant treatment offers several benefits, which include:

• Full restoration of your oral functioning - missing several teeth can greatly affect your oral functioning, making it hard to chew food or even talk. Replacing the lost or damaged teeth with dental implants allows helps to restore the complete functionality of your mouth.

• A greatly improved appearance - missing or damaged teeth, especially in the visible parts of your mouth, can affect your appearance greatly. Replacing these teeth with natural-looking and attractive dental implants thus help to improve your appearance, which in turn, boosts your self-confidence.

• Stimulation of jawbone growth - your natural teeth provide constant stimulation to the jawbone, thus helping it to regenerate after resorption. Missing several of your teeth can thus result in bone loss. However, getting multiple dental implants helps to prevent the additional loss, as they provide constant stimulation to the bone - just like your natural teeth.

• A long-term solution to your dental problems - if your teeth have been damaged by decay, injury, or gum disease, getting multiple implants can provide a lasting solution to the problem.

How Are The Dental Implants Placed?

The multiple tooth implant process starts with diagnosis, where the condition of the affected teeth is evaluated using dental examination, x-rays, or CT scans. Once it is determined that they cannot be repaired, tooth extraction is used to remove them.

After extraction, the condition of the jawbone and the gum tissue is evaluated to determine if they can support the implants. If they are healthy enough, the implants are then placed through surgical insertion. During the surgical procedure, the gum tissue is cut to expose the jawbone, where a hole is drilled for each implant to be inserted.

The number of implants placed is dependent on the number of teeth to be replaced, the condition of the jawbone (healthy enough and sufficient space). The treatment plan choice will also determine the number of implants - for example, four implants for All-on-4 dental implants, two or more implants for implant-supported dentures or a single implant for each tooth being replaced.

Premier Periodontics and Implant Dentistry is committed to restoring your smile and giving you back your confidence. With multiple tooth implant treatment, you can replace all of your missing or damaged teeth, and be able to smile again. Call us today at (732) 747-1766 to find out more about our dental implant solutions.

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