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Bone Regenration

Bone Regeneration

Restoring Your Jawbone Structure Using Bone Regeneration

Tinton Falls, NJ

Before dental implant placement, you are evaluated to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. Among the number of things that can cause you to be disqualified for the procedure is lacking adequate bone structure. This is something that can happen due to some reasons, from bone atrophy due to old age to bone damage resulting from an oral infection that has spread to the jawbone. Luckily, even with severe bone deterioration, it is still possible to regenerate new bone tissue. At Premier Periodontics and Implant Dentistry we offer ridge bone regeneration solutions that help to restore your jawbone, thus making you an ideal dental implant candidate.

Jawbone Structure

What Is Bone Regeneration?

Bone regeneration is the process of growing new bone tissue in the jawbone, in an area where the bone structure has been lost due to damage or atrophy. Bone regeneration makes use of grafting, where a bone graft material is placed in the jawbone, leading to the growth of new tissue. The new bone tissue helps to also stimulate the growth of the existing jawbone tissue, and with time, these tissues grow together into one bone tissue, thus restoring the original jawbone structure.

The Bone Grafting Procedure

The bone grafting procedure involves the surgical insertion of the graft material on the section of the jawbone where the new bone structure is needed. It is a process that starts with a dental examination using dental x-rays and CT scans, to observe the condition of your jawbone. The observation also allows for the formulation of a treatment plan that will help achieve the desired results.

The actual grafting procedure is a minimal surgically invasive process. During the surgery, we will make an incision in the gum around the area to be grafted. This will create access to the jawbone, where we will then proceed to place the graft material. Pins and screws are used to hold this graft in place, before stitching up the gums surrounding it.

Do I Need A Bone Graft?

A bone graft surgery might be an ideal solution for you, if:

• You are preparing to receive dental implants - tooth loss is one of the major causes of bone deterioration. When a tooth is extracted, it reduces the stimulation of the jawbone, which causes the bone structure around that area to start deteriorating. If you wait too long between the extraction and getting the implants, the damage to the jawbone is usually extensive such that implants cannot be inserted.

• If you have a small jawbone structure - sometimes, people with healthy jawbones can have insufficient bone structure, which would also disqualify them from getting implants. A bone graft procedure can help to generate new tissue where the implants need to be placed.

Benefits Of Grafting

• Stimulates the growth of the jaw bone that has been lost. When a tooth is extracted, the space left by it recedes with time. Inserting a bone graft will help you grow a new and a stronger bone.

• Maintains your facial appearance - the new bone tissue generated by the bone graft helps to prevent the recession of the jawbone, thus maintaining your natural facial appearance. In case the jawbone had receded, the new bone structure will help to improve your appearance.

Not a perfect candidate for dental implants due to bone loss? We can help. At Premier Periodontics and Implant Dentistry we are committed to helping make you ready for implant placement through bone regeneration. Call us today at (732) 747-1766 to schedule an appointment.

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