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Professional tooth whitening

Professional Tooth Whitening

Professional Tooth Whitening

Tinton Falls, NJ

Discolored teeth are one of the most common dental health issues, which affects many people. People who regularly indulge in drinks such as coffee, red wine, black currant, or are avid smokers are hit the worst by teeth staining. If you are one of these people, smiling can be a huge problem, as the discolored teeth are likely to embarrass you when in a social situation. However, lucky for you, Premier Periodontics and Implant Dentistry can help to restore the natural color of your teeth using professional teeth whitening solutions. This way, you can be able to smile again without being embarrassed.

Teeth whitening, before/after

What Does Professional Tooth Whitening Involve?

Professional teeth whitening is a process in which the stains on your teeth enamel are removed using a teeth whitening agent – which can be a solution or gel. The whitening agent used is applied to the teeth, where it oxidizes the molecules of the stains. The oxidation of these molecules reduces the amount (or prevents) the amount of light reflected, thus making them appear colorless. This helps to give your teeth back their natural white color.

During the teeth whitening treatment, different types of options (whitening agents and techniques) can be used depending on your specific needs. Below is a look at some of these options:

• Bleaching - the most common tooth whitening technique. It involves the use of a bleaching agent, which oxidizes the stain molecules.

• Opalescence whitening - a relatively new and revolutionary whitening technology. It makes use of an Opalescence gel, which contains a hydroxide peroxide for whitening and PF (Potassium nitrate and fluoride) for protecting and strengthening the teeth.

Laser activated whitening - laser activate whitening is a solution that can be used with other teeth whitening options to increase their effectiveness - by activating the whitening agent using laser light.

Benefits Of Professional Tooth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening can offer you several benefits, including:

•     Improved appearance - the main benefit of tooth whitening is that it restores the natural appearance of your teeth. This greatly improves your overall appearance and helps to boost your self-confidence.

•     Improved dental health - tooth whitening procedure usually involves dental cleaning to get rid of some of the staining substances - tartar, dental plaque, and the stains found on the surface of the teeth. The removal of the tartar and dental plaque helps to prevent the buildup of oral bacteria in your mouth, thus saving you from potential dental health issues such as tooth decay and gum tissue damage.

•     Stronger and healthier teeth - some of the whitening substances used contain ingredients that help to make your teeth healthier and stronger, for example, the PF ingredient in Opalescence whitening gel.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Professional tooth whitening, while making use of strong whitening agents, is a completely safe procedure. The whitening agent used is carefully chosen to offer the best and safest results for your specific condition. Also, your soft gum tissues are properly protected from the whitening agent, ensuring that they are not damaged.

Tired of your discolored teeth dampening your smile? Premier Periodontics and Implant Dentistry can help you to smile again by offering you the best tooth whitening treatments. Call us today at (732) 747-1766 to schedule an appointment. We offer other smile enhancing cosmetic dental treatments like sinus lifts, dental implants, and teeth in a day.

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