Esthetic Crown Lengthening

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Smile Too Gummy?

Crown lengthening is one way to reduce your gumline to prevent the appearance of a gummy smile. Dr. Zatzkin offers this service as both a purely esthetic procedure, as well as a functional one! Having a gummy smile can hurt your self-image, so quit dealing with the bad thoughts and give Dr. Zatzkin a call today to change your smile for the better!

Improve The Beauty Of Your Smile!

esthetic crown lengthening

Esthetic Crown Lengthening in Tinton Falls, NJ

Do you have a gummy smile? Sometimes when you smile, you may feel as though people are only seeing your gums. Did you know there is a perfectly safe and routine procedure to enhance your smile and reduce your excessive gingival exposure? Dr. Jeffrey Zatzkin is a periodontist offering esthetic crown lengthening in Tinton Falls, NJ.

Esthetic crown lengthening is a simple and quick procedure, taking about an hour or less, that will rid you of your gummy smile and expose more of your teeth, making your smile fuller and healthy looking. This “gum lift” is sometimes referred to as periodontal plastic surgery. You can have crown lengthening done on one tooth but it is commonly performed on your entire gum line, to enhance your already beautiful smile.

Before the procedure Dr. Zatzkin will make sure your mouth is properly numbed to ensure a comfortable procedure. Small incisions in the gum tissue will be made to separate the gums from the teeth. After the procedure, Dr Zatzkin will clean the incisions with sterile water, place a few stitches if needed, and apply a special bandage for healing. Your gummy smile will be gone and your gum tissues will heal, forming a beautifully even and esthetic gum line. A follow up appointment is made to check healing.

Esthetic crown lengthening not only fixes a gummy smile but it also improves your overall oral health. Too much gum tissue can encourage bacterial growth and increase pocket depths. This gum reduction can help decrease your susceptibility to periodontal disease and allow for optimal overall health.

You might have been born with a gummy smile but you do not have to live with one. Seek your options for esthetic crown lengthening and call Dr. Zatzkin to make your consultation in Red Bank, NJ today.